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Nothing succeeds without a strong will.没有毅力则一事无成。

the humorous saying, 'Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I've done it hundreds of time.'tells us that without a strong will,nothing succeeds,people try to quit smothing for hundreds of times but end up with failure just because they lace of a strong will.A strong l is important to us if we want to achieve our goals.every success will meet many difficulty and setbacks.so we need to overcome them with our strong will.if we stick to our goals with a strong will and never give it up.at last we will be successful.we all believe that with a strong will,everyone can succeed .


不知道能批改英语作文的网站.以下改写供参考.你写的是上个星期日的事情,要用过去时态.写完作文要认真检查.注意大小写常用词汇和句型的基本用法.It was fine last Sunday. We went to the West Hill by bus to plant trees.Some students planted trees, other sudents carried water. We worked very hard. We felt very tired but we were very happy because we all knew that we did a good job and what we did is meanignful.Planting trees can stop sand from blowing into our city and making our it more beautiful.


Now many of my classmates like to surf the Internet in their free time.I think Internet can bring us both advantages and disadvantages.For example,if I have some trouble studying, I can surf the internet to find more helpful information. And I can make more friends on it. Some of my classmates say they feel happy when they talk with more friends with many similar hobbies.However, Internet can make some problems at the same time. If you spend too much time on it ,you will becaome lazy and can't put your heart on study. It will be even worse if you feel you can't live without Internet. So we must be careful when we use the Internet.现在,我的很多同学都喜欢在闲暇的时间里上网,我认为网络既给我们带来了好处,又有不好的地方.例如,如果我在学习上又困难,我就能上网搜索一些有帮助的信息.并且我还能够在网上交到更多的朋友.我有一些同学说,当他们找到了一些拥有相当兴趣的朋友来聊天时,会觉得开心然而,网络同时也会造成一些问题.如果你花太多时间在上面,你就会变懒而且不能够专心学习.如果你觉得你的生活已经离不开它了那就更糟了所以,当我们在使用网络的时候一定要小心


线上ag赌场注册|开户Oline Shopping With the development of the internet , we enter the information age and most people have their own computers . So online shopping become a part of our lives gradually and more and more popular among us .Why online shopping is so attractive that some youth can hardly continue their lives without it? As far as I am concerned, there are several reasons which lead to it so popular . At first, goods online are far cheaper than that in stores. Sometimes, the price of a commodity online is even half of that in stores. Secondly, there are lots of goods online which include all aspects of life . You can find anything , as long as you can imagine, such as computer, TV, books, cell phone and so on. Thirdly, we can compare one product to another much more easily . If you want to buy one thing with a reasonable price , you have to visit many stores , which is quite tired .Because of so many advantages of online shopping , we like purchase things in this way.However, although online shopping makes our lives more convenient, it also has some problems . As we know, online shopping is trade that complete on internet , which cause it not safe enough. We purchase a good when we even don't know who is the seller, whether he is liar, and whether the quality of the goods are so well as he promised. In addition, our money in online bank may be stolen by Haker . What's more, suppose the product is broken after we use it a period, we can't get it repaired in time .In a word , online shopping has its strengths and weaknesses. I advise everybody to treat it carefully. If you want to buy something, you'd better choose those online stores with good reputation and see customers' remarks on products. I suggest that you go to real supermarket or shop to buy products which are expensive or big .At last, I wish everyone has a good experience of online shopping .


Parents' being slaves to their children or “child's slave” is nowadays a hot topic in China. Itrefers to young parents who have to spend a large part of their income on children. Theseparents feel great strain under the burden of raising a child and struggle hard to make as muchmoney as possible.The cost of raising a child in China is becoming greater and greater. But economic pressureis not the only reason that makes young parents “child's slave”. Parents' competing with eachother in trying to provide the best possible living conditions for their children should also beblamed.If this problem continues, it would affect parents and the development of our country.These parents would suffer from huge economic pressure, which may pose a threat to theirmarriages or physical and mental health. On the other hand, to avoid being slaves, somecouples are unwilling to have children.














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